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LM Arnal est artiste multiculturel. Domaines d'expertise: écriture, prévention du VIH, traductions. Loisirs: peinture et photo. LM Arnal a vécu aux usa pour échapper au racisme en France, et a travaille là-bas comme dj-radio, et dans les universités ou centres médicaux américains. LM Arnal est artiste qui revendique tout d'abord la liberté-pour les hommes et les femmes. Livres publies aux usa Poets Without Limits (ENGL) (ENGL) (FR)

"Si del cielo te caen limones aprende a hacer limonada" ("if the sky drops lemons on you, you've got to learn how to make lemonade") El Gran Varon, Willie Colon LM ARNAL is a multiracial writer who grew up without family in Europe, at a time when mixed relationships were still taboo, and who migrated at a young age to the United States. In Europe, after studying literature and political philosophy ARNAL found the weight of racism too thwarting and decided to travel as an adventurer. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Henry Miller, George Orwell, Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich, and Fassbinder were ARNAL's first inspirations, then Langston Hughes, Nella Larsen, and Edgar Poe, among many others. The United States was a place where everything seemed possible, and it was easy for this soon-to-be-writer to learn many skills to be independent and remain free. On top of a full-time career, working for US universities, LM wrote articles mostly for the black press (Nommo, African Affairs, Ariztos, etc) and worked as a radio programmer for many years (to broadcast reggae, jazz, African music, and panels to discuss primarily issues concerning the black community). After training as a HIV Prevention Counselor, ARNAL worked primarily within the black community to try and raise awareness and to educate different layers of the population in this domain. Later the education of professionals who deal with HIV patients became a priority on the author's agenda. In 2002, LM ARNAL edited "Poets Without Limits" an anthology of black writers from the LA Area. Then after seeing the failure of HIV Programs and the refusal in that circle to hire dedicated people, versus corrupt bureaucrats, ARNAL decided to write a script to fight HIV and change behaviors, and which is included in the compilation "Love, Sex and Mathematics." The beliefs in honor, courage, justice and generosity are the values that motivate LM ARNAL to continue the struggle for a fairer world. Because humans "are created equals" and should be taught not to let the world corrupt them. “I know that my book, at times, might seem a little harsh. But after so many years of HIV Prevention, during which I saw so many professionals fake it and treat people like dirt, I decided that I would write a book. It was meant to possibly change behaviours and teach people of African descent another way to look at life and at their problems—in order to learn how to solve them on their own. What pained me most was the violence I saw, within couples and within the family, the abusive relationships that prevailed, the abuse of children who then grow up crippled before being given a chance in the world. I wanted to find out what are the beliefs that make our people caught up in so much self-hatred, the beliefs and choices they make willingly that keep them captive despite money or success. We always have a choice, and it is time to make the right one, not only for us but also for those around us. For in the end, we are responsible for the fairness or unfairness of others: if we don’t have character, courage, and caring (my 3Cs) who will ever respect us and our children?” For any questions related to the book "Love, Sex, and Mathematics": ... Questions can be forwarded to


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